The state of Google+: The whole is not worth the sum of its parts


Google+ is in a tough spot: Vic Gundotra, the Google (s goog) executive who has run the platform since it debuted in 2011, announced on Thursday that he would resign from the company, leaving Google+ in the hands of VP of engineering Dave Besbris. Without the man who has been the driving force for the product, Google’s great experiment is left with even less momentum than it currently has.

Does Google+ have the means and resources to stay away from the company graveyard?

The answer is probably no. As it stands now, many of the features that make up Google+ — Communities, Circles and the Profile — don’t have the momentum or active user base to be considered a viable social network. But the utility products that Google+ does best — Hangouts and Photos — continue to drive value. The tools are worth using, but the binding that holds it all together remains…

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